claudio varone

interior design and textile art

Felt for Architecture is a project which italian architect and artist Claudio Varone started in 2003.
The project stems from his ambition to conjugate art, craft and architecture.
Since the beginning of 2006 he has started working together on Felt for architecture with Dutch felt artist Anneke Copier.
Felt for Architecture has become a collection of carpets and three-dimensional wall hangings in wool felt, to dress spaces, walls, floors, to evoke, to protect and to tell a story.
Colours and shapes originate mainly from the contemplation of the landscapes.
The result is monumental. The work emanates the charm and power of the ancestral sceneries.
All pieces are unique, in wool, sometimes combined with cotton, silk and other natural fibers, and are made using traditional techniques, adapted to obtain abstract and minimalistic three-dimensional shapes.
The intention of the design duo through this project is to introduce the art of felt within spaces, with all its tactile visual and acoustic features, and with the overwhelming power, magic and sacredness of life.
Claudio Varone (1968): since 2000 he has lived in Amsterdam where he works as interior designer. He designes houses, shops and offices.
Beginning 2009 he started his own interiordesign office.


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